Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Great Escape

Little Kahlan becoming a real little trouble maker just like me hehe I love escaping from my backyard and exploring and after today it seem like she does too.

My owner was putting everyone back in their kennels getting ready to go and she was putting all the puppies back in the small fenced off yard they had to play and sleep in.

They were still full of energy when we tried to leave and little kahlan took it upon herself to just leave with us she just slipped right under the gate and came running over.

My owner was in shock quickly turned around and picked her up and placed her behind the gate once again but still she just kept going under and out my owner couldn’t stop laughing. Little Zed kept trying to hold her back like the goody two shoes he is but she a tough pup and just pull herself out of his grip and if needed to she would bite his face to make him let go.

In the end my owner placed her behind the fence away from the gate and rushed around the corner so she didn’t know we’re we were. You can’t help but love that little Kahlan she is going to make someone very happy

Monday, June 21, 2010

They grow up so fast

Who knew playing with puppies could wipe you out but it’s so much fun. Indy finally stop been super over protective of her puppies which lets me in I’ve been having so much fun with them I will admit I was a little jumpy when I first saw them today but it didn’t take long and I was having so much fun playing.

Kahlan is a real feisty little pup she had a lots of fun playing chasey with me and also a lot of fun trying to kill my owners shoes why she was doing that…not a clue

Richard is a sweet little guy he has a bad tail and he is very timid but still he has the spirit of wild pup and still can keep up with me, his brother and sister

Zed I’ve never seen such a brave puppy all the pups walked into a big puddle both Richard and Kahlan went around the puddle but zed march right on through he didn’t even flinch

Not bad for 3 little rugrats all of them are very different but they are all very special

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ninja Mutt

Hehe don’t I look cool yeah I know I do hehe my owner has been getting better and better with her new camera everyday she takes me and ray ray to a different park to try out her camera and today she got the idea to do ninja style photos.
She place the camera on the ground, tilted it slightly pointing it towards the sky and then asked me to back up and like a good boy I did…after all she had my ball MY!!! BALL!!!

She focused the camera and started tossing my ball in the air, snapping pictures everytime I flew into the air to catch it

I love playing ball even if my nutty owner is always taking pictures of me.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

~Click Click Click~

Oh man my owner wont stop taking pictures of me “click click click” that’s all I hear all day.

My owner got a new camera the other day her brother brought it for her and in her words it’s “dog proof” since it's water, dust, drop, smash and freeze proof so no matter what me and the pack do we can’t break it but don’t worry we will still give it our best shot.

It supposed to be the worlds toughest camera

My owner said she will stop as soon as she learns how to use it... I doubt it grrrr but hey you can’t blame her for wanting to use me as her model you can’t beat my cute looks.

My owner will hopefully be distracted for a while she contacting the agility club so we can start classes as soon as possible I’m a bit nervous since there will be so many dogs but my owner did say she will buy me a happy meal and some new tennis balls if I’m good

So I’m going to do my best......for the treats and toys hehe :P

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Little sister

Yes it’s true I Max have a little sister I probably have more and little brother's too but this little lass is the only one I really know about. My owner was looking on Trademe under the username she found me with and she saw an ad about a puppy for sale it said...
chihuahua/foxy X jack russell PUP $200.00

“one beautiful pup aprox eight weeks old
She is house trained, wormed , not vacinated yet ,absolutely friendly and loving needing a great home and some one to bond with”

We have the same mum not dad but I must say she is a real cutie and i find it funny that i was more money than her hehehe