Thursday, January 28, 2010

Human Friends

Alex N Max ~ Elise N Max ~ Kate N Max

My human left the house at 12 today and she didn’t come home until 3:30 I told her she’s not to go out without me I’m her personal body guard you never know what strange cats could be lurking out there. I was so happy to see her when she got back but she brought her friends with her I did my normal bark bark bark to let them know who’s boss but my human was not happy at all she tried to kick me outside I went underneath her and started putting my paws on her feet and looking up at her with my puppy eyes “please nice lady don’t kick me out I’ll be good I promise” BARK BARK sorry I thought I could smell cat on them BARK I’m sorry I’ll stop…you eye balling me boy WOOF WOOF I think I made my point. Those human weren’t so bad they keep patting us and saying how cute me and Rachel were they really loved Rachel it’s not my fault that I was on duty at the time and had to bark the house down we gaud dogs get no respect these days oh well Rachel does seem to have a knack for sucking up to people I don’t care all I wanted to do was play with my ballOn my humans facebook page she joined a group all about dog whisperer and not long after joining some other dog trainer thought they would try and make my owner feel bad for been a fan but all this did was make her and her friends laugh about it when they went out for lunch
well for those mean humans me an ray ray took this picture of us with book to show them where fans too he’s a good man who cares about dogs and people and there nothing wrong with thatBut I do want to warn all people and animals alike you ever hurt my human in anyway no more Mr nice pup I wasn’t named after a killer dog for nothing mahahahaha

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Secret Santa paws

Finally it came YAY!!!!
On Friday the 15th of January I got a package in the mail all the way from the USA.
Me and my owner were apart of a SS on our forum group AJWW and after much waiting we got our present. My owner was so happy she ripped into it and found 3 brand new tugs waiting inside, I was so happy new toys. Unfortunately as the present was coming into the country the mean ol MAF people found dog treats inside and took them out. GRR oh well the tugs were still GREAT!!!

Even through It came from the USA it was really from my aussie friends Jock and Denver there owner who we call Smisch got them for me. My owner and I have been doing lots of canine freestyle and she’s been using my new tugs as rewards it’s so much fun. My owner is going to be using them for our agility classes when we start. I am the only dog in NZ so far who has these toys I feel so special.

Thank you so much Jock and Denver ~puppy kisses~

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Fun at the Park

Today was so hot even doing the basics of sit and down was just to much to handle today. Both me and my owner were getting frustrated so in evening as the sun was setting we all went out for a walk to the park to play around.

As we reached the park we saw our buddy Joyce there with her owner. I just broke away with my leash still on as my owner was trying to keep Rachel under control since in the past these girls have had issues with each other “bitch bitch bitch” that’s all I have to say on the matter anyway… I ran straight up to her to say Hi and as soon as Elise was happy she let Rachel go too and for the first time ever both Ray and Joy have been happy to play together.

Joyce owner wasn’t willing to let go her since Joyce likes to play on the road but that was cool Joyce has a new long pink leash on to play on. I didn’t think Joy was ready to have 2 terrier right up in her face but hey that’s how we roll you want to play with us be prepared we can be very hyper lol
After our owners had a long talk we parted ways but I didn’t want Joyce to go I chased after them but then Elise called me back and like a good dog I obeyed oh well I know I’ll see them again soon.

Me and Rachel did lots of zoomies after that, running as fast as we can but Rachel keep pulling on my leash that I was still wearing…cheater but I’m still faster then that old JRT. We ended out evening play by having a dust bath it was so nice and relaxing. It’s great been a dog.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Today well me and my owner were out on our evening walk we went past Sergeant house and he look so sad his owners were out and he was all alone.
I went over to him to try and cheer him up he was so happy to see me but after a while of chatting about important things like tennis balls, mean ol kitty cats and about that stuck up Chihuahua who thinks he's to good to walk past us...
Sergeant tried to make a break for it he tried and he tried but he couldn’t get out from under the fence i tried to let him know “everything is ok your owners will be home soon don't worry pal”
he stopped and we chatted a little longer about treats after all that we peed on the fence each and said our goodbyes...i miss Sergeant