Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Fly Mutts

I know it’s been a while since my last bogging but me and my human have been so busy it’s unbelievable I’m not the same dog I was a few months ago anyway I’ll let you all know about that later.
Well back to this quick little blog just to get back into it, I have a lot to bark about but I’ll just say a little for now. For 2011 me & my human have taken on a new sport we are now a real flygility team. My human got a flyball box on the 22nd I love it.

For now we are just going to do individual runs but if my little doggie friends from my club get into it too then maybe we can start a team Me, my lovely Rosie and Mr hot shot Basil our future little mutt team I know their humans are interested and I know our little crew could really kick some doggie tails in fly so you never know…

Sunday, October 31, 2010


Hey guys it's me Max here just wanting to wish you all a

Saturday, October 30, 2010


Well tomorrow’s the big day our first ever link run. My human has been having a bit of rough time lately so I’m looking forward to tomorrow when it’s just me & her doing what we love. The last few days we have been working on contacts for some unknown reason my human does not like the idea of me jumping OVER the contact zone. I think it’s more fun and so much faster but it’s against the rules but since when do I listen to the rules... oh well it has been fun training. My buddy Rosie at class has been having the same issue but her human is teaching running contacts. I like the look of this running but with the 2 paw thing I get to do a trick and MEEEEE lovessss tricksssss hehe.

I really like rosie but her and her owner beat us at the agility trial by not even a second so it’s time for a re-match it will be a real fun day.



Sunday, October 24, 2010

Long time no see

You will never guess who I ran into the other day…MY SISTER!!!!
My sis now named Bell. I met up with her well out for a walk with my human. This other human came running up to us asking what breed I was my owner replied “Australian terrier mix” he said so is my dog, he then said his was part Chihuahua my owner quickly said back so was hers. They then ask a few questions back and fourth about where they got their dogs from and yup they had my sister in their car. They went and got her out for me to say hi I was so happy to see her and she was so happy to see me.

"Puppy Max"

"Puppy Bell"
She looks just like me but much smaller and she has more of our dads aussie in her. She has a loving mum & dad and her very own kid to play with. She’s got herself a really good life I’m so happy for her. I know my mum & dad would be so proud of both of us.
It’s just so un-real that out of all the dogs for me to meet I would meet one of the pups from my very own family been a mutt we don’t get the luxury of been able to stay in contact with our family so this was a truly magic moment one I will never forget.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

2 years old

Birthday - 22/10/08

Yes that’s right people I max am 2 years old today. I’ve had so many nice birthday wishes from both dogs and humans plus I got so many new toys and yummy treats from my human she really went over the top.

We also got free tickets to go see cats & dogs 2, my human sent a picture of me to our favourite magazine so they gave us free tickets. I think it’s so unfair that it’s only for human they don’t let dogs in the cinema…it’s a movie about dogs and yet dogs can’t go the silly things these humans come up with. Well it did make my human happy so it's ok..this time.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I’m not lost…

“i'm not lost just a little off-course”

well that’s what my human said…Last night at class everything was going so well I was racing my human over these jumps and doing lots of wrap work around other jumps it was a good night.

BUT after all that when it came to the course work my human was busy working on long jump skill getting me to extend more with our trainer “which I was I’m just that great” anyway because of that she never got to do the course walk, odd thing I think why these silly people walk the course without us dogs after all it’s called DOG agility not human… humans never understand them.

So we we’re first up to run it from our group and since my human had no idea what she was doing she ran it by number. We had a good startbut when I came zooming off the crossover and over the next jump my human stopped. I walked up to her she was looking back and fourth at all sides trying to find this so called number 5 “evil 5 hide from my human I should of chewed it up oh well next time” she was acting like me when I’m trying to find my tennis ball and suddenly the other people yelled out "CROSSOVER" she spun around just like one my tricks hehe and sent me over it. She was all over the place normally we run very smoothly but that night I was just trying to stay with her. I had to jump this evil jump called a winged jump I knew my human was not sure about and because she wasn’t sure nether was I. She tried to send me over but she wasn’t sure how to and I didn’t want to make the mistake we managed to make it but barley. A few more obstacles she sent me to them and quickly at the last minute would pull me back and send me the other way we managed to make it in the end but she was like a crazy terrier all over the place it was quite fun hehe
After that terrible run my human was so happy with me that I was listening so well and I stayed with her and didn’t get frustrated and make my own course up like I normally do.

We have our first Agility Link run on the last weekend of the month so we are going to keep training because we want to show our club how great we are.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Agility Link

So much for a stinking holiday… tonight at class near the end our trainer came up to us with these forms letting us all know we were ready for agility link. I don’t know too much about it yet but what I do know is every club around the country are given the same courses, we all are competing against each other to be the best. We get a new course to run every month so me & my human will be starting this October. My human said if it's all fun enough we might even skip trials for it. It’s going to be hard travelling so far just for competition but with agility link been held on our training grounds every month we can skip the far away trials and just chill up here in the north island.
NALA ~National Agility Link Association~

I look forward to beating all these mutts, so training is back on mahahahaha

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Time to Play

Since I have been working so hard for my owner she been letting me have a little holiday from training which means I get to just play play play.

I got to hang out with my buddy Indy the other day, we had so much fun playing chase I always love to play with her because she never gets tired and is always up for a game. I love playing with ray ray too but she always gets tired and always gets grumpy, when I tap her with my paw or try and play bitey face she attacks me Indy never hurts me.

My human said we have another trial coming up soon if our entry gets in on time and if that happens we will have to train for it but until then for the next few weeks I can just chill and chill I will.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

First Trial

Whangarei & Mangawhai Ribbon Trial

Day 1
Jumper C - Q
Elementary B - NQ
Starters - NQ
Day 2
Starters - NQ
Jumper C - Q
Novice - NQ

Jumper C ~Q~ a really good run my human kept saying she wasn’t nervous at all but I’m her dog and I know better she was freaking out but I made sure I was a good boy and did everything she said... until just before one jump I stopped and had to sniff around it was such an odd smell but it didn’t take long and I snapped out of it and quickly finish the run with a super happy human.

12/29 dogs

Elementary B ~E~ I went into this big blue tunnel and half way though i thought wait a minute is my human sure she wants me in this tunnel so i went back out the way i came and bang stupid judge put his arm up to say fault. I then assumed she wanted me to go the other way though so I did and then the meanie judge crossed his arms and I was disqualified.. Me? disqualified? doesn’t that judge know who I am? I finished the run off well but still silly judge I’m max don’t mess with me.

Starters ~E~ This run my human sent me the wrong way though the tunnel she didn’t mean to but it happen and once again I was disqualified. When it came to my weaves I got sick of them and left after 10 poles after all isn’t 10 enough. The rest of the run went well but the evil yellow chute came up and my fears got the better of me so my kind human let me pass it she didn’t force me and we left the ring happy.

Starters ~NQ~ a really good run but right at the start after a few straight line jumps I skipped the last one and headed for the tunnel my human quickly called me back before I touched the tunnel and made me go over it. After that we were doing well but I messed my weaves up I got the entry but something was just not right so on the 3rd pole I left them my human quickly called me back and made me do them again. We had a really good run but this time evil red chute was in my way but my human made sure I went in it this time and ya know what it wasn’t so scary in fact…it was fun

Jumper C ~Q~ a really good run my human loved it and so did I. After a few jumps we had to go in the big yellow tunnel I went to go though one end and all I could hear was “HERE MAX” so I quickly went to her and she lead me to the other end I don’t know what the big deal was but I did as she wanted and she was so happy. We quickly did the rest of the run and the best part was right at the end I got to race over all these jumps as fast as I could so much fun. Only bad part was the silly timer didn’t go off so we had to run it again but only for time we had already got a clear round. We were both tired so we weren’t as fast but still it was a good time

7/20 dogs

Novice -NQ~ this run me and my human loved we flowed really well though the course but I was really hot and I messed up my weave pole entry 2 times but my human didn’t give up until we had done it. The rest of the run went well but the 2nd time I went over the A-Frame I got sick of this creepy judge staring at me everything I did he was looking at me so half way up the A-frame at his eye level I decided to give him a taste of his own medicine and I was staring right back at him giving him the max look but my human keep calling me and said “ come on max don’t stare at him” so I carried on the course I'm just happy I got a little bit of staring revenge at him mahahaha

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

If it's raining it's pouring

My human just dosen’t seem to understand the meaning of the words “GIVE UP” they look simple enough to me but not my human.
When I wouldn’t do the long jump she worked for 3 weeks to teach me until it was perfect, my fear of the chute everyday we would work little by little until the scary chute became my friend, many of my agility classes were cancelled by the rain so she would train at home and now she finds out it will be raining during our trial but do think she will give up…NO!!!

Today to help me with working in the rain she took me to our new training park and brought a ball to play with it started to rain and we played for quite a while and I had heaps of fun running, sliding diving, mud marching and even a little swimming when the ball went into some deep water she call this training sometimes it’s good to have a nutting human hehe

I was so happy and after all that I got to end our training with a walk though he bush so many trees and plants to pee on When we got home my human gave me my new reg name so i could join the NZKC and do more agility so from now on I’ll be

"If It's raining it's pouring" Max

Monday, August 30, 2010


I find it funny how some silly humans think humans like mine are horrible because they make dogs like me do dog sports and say dogs just want a normal life…WTF!!! Have these silly humans never heard of FLYGILITY!!!

Like my human promise I got to spend all Saturday playing this new game called Flygility I got to meet lots of new dogs, people and I got to play with tennis balls ALL DAY!!!

Flygility was this game where we dogs had to run over all these jumps and tunnel to find a magic box that when you hit it a tennis ball would fly out, we dogs had to catch it and race back over all the gear it’s so much fun.

The life of a spots dogs is a good one trust me

~sorry not much to say right now my humans been so busy with agility i don't really have a lot of time so here some pic's of my new mates~

Monday, August 23, 2010

Working hard...

Me and my human…wait a minute…let me start again “I” have been working very hard over the last few days getting ready for this trial all my human has been doing is emailing people and reading about rules and regulations whatever those things are. All I know about rules is they are meant to be broken and who better to break them than me Max hehe
anyway my human is just not happy with this long jump thing so every day I have to jump and she is making it harder and harder by making it higher and longer. She's been trying so many things to try and make me jump but I don’t care what she does she just doesn’t understand it's so much easier to walk on it… oh well I’m starting to give in to her and I’ve been flying over this jump just like the nerdy goodie goodie dogs at class do. I’ve had a few mishaps because the jumps got in my way and I crashed into the mud, you would think a flying dog would scare the jumps into moving out of the way…oh well they came crashing down when max came flying in hehe oh well I’m still not 100% on this jump but my owner seem to go crazy when I jump and I love her going crazy playing soccer with me so I might try a few more times with this jumping thing. I guess humans are weird this way always doing things the hard way.Oh yeah and if the weather is good this weekend my human said we get to spend all Saturday playing flygility YAY!!!! I’ll show those border collies how we mutts play ball bring it on!!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Why jump when you can walk

I’m back people, doggies and whatever else is on this inter…netty…thing :P
Happy's owner was telling my owner to start updating the blog so I’m back at it


You need to update the kiwis blog :) everyones not happy bout the lack of updates and so does max. J

Today my owner and her mum went out for a walk and brought back this wooden platform. I was having so much fun pouncing on it and leaving my trademark muddy paws but no matter what I did my owner wouldn’t release my ball. Normally when I do stuff I get a click, a good boy and then my ball gets tossed but she wouldn’t do it she placed one of my jumps in front of it and told me “over” I dove over and didn’t quite make it but she told me again and I made it. I really don’t see the point in jumping, it’s so much easier to walk on it like I as doing in class all those goodie goodie dogs jumping over it like their owner said too, i was only one who let his mind go outside the box and was running over it, it’s more fun and easy but because of that night my owner is making me do long jump drills everyday I love the play time but I just don’t want to have to work for it, oh well it the life of an agility dog my owner keep’s going on about some ribbon trial I don’t really know much about it but I get to spend all weekend with just me and my owner so that’s sounds good to me.... so look out Mangawhai here we come “Team Seeker”

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Great Escape

Little Kahlan becoming a real little trouble maker just like me hehe I love escaping from my backyard and exploring and after today it seem like she does too.

My owner was putting everyone back in their kennels getting ready to go and she was putting all the puppies back in the small fenced off yard they had to play and sleep in.

They were still full of energy when we tried to leave and little kahlan took it upon herself to just leave with us she just slipped right under the gate and came running over.

My owner was in shock quickly turned around and picked her up and placed her behind the gate once again but still she just kept going under and out my owner couldn’t stop laughing. Little Zed kept trying to hold her back like the goody two shoes he is but she a tough pup and just pull herself out of his grip and if needed to she would bite his face to make him let go.

In the end my owner placed her behind the fence away from the gate and rushed around the corner so she didn’t know we’re we were. You can’t help but love that little Kahlan she is going to make someone very happy