Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I’m not lost…

“i'm not lost just a little off-course”

well that’s what my human said…Last night at class everything was going so well I was racing my human over these jumps and doing lots of wrap work around other jumps it was a good night.

BUT after all that when it came to the course work my human was busy working on long jump skill getting me to extend more with our trainer “which I was I’m just that great” anyway because of that she never got to do the course walk, odd thing I think why these silly people walk the course without us dogs after all it’s called DOG agility not human… humans never understand them.

So we we’re first up to run it from our group and since my human had no idea what she was doing she ran it by number. We had a good startbut when I came zooming off the crossover and over the next jump my human stopped. I walked up to her she was looking back and fourth at all sides trying to find this so called number 5 “evil 5 hide from my human I should of chewed it up oh well next time” she was acting like me when I’m trying to find my tennis ball and suddenly the other people yelled out "CROSSOVER" she spun around just like one my tricks hehe and sent me over it. She was all over the place normally we run very smoothly but that night I was just trying to stay with her. I had to jump this evil jump called a winged jump I knew my human was not sure about and because she wasn’t sure nether was I. She tried to send me over but she wasn’t sure how to and I didn’t want to make the mistake we managed to make it but barley. A few more obstacles she sent me to them and quickly at the last minute would pull me back and send me the other way we managed to make it in the end but she was like a crazy terrier all over the place it was quite fun hehe
After that terrible run my human was so happy with me that I was listening so well and I stayed with her and didn’t get frustrated and make my own course up like I normally do.

We have our first Agility Link run on the last weekend of the month so we are going to keep training because we want to show our club how great we are.

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  1. You guys are great!
    (Elise, I bet even when you were lost, you were a better handler than I am! eesh! I have so much work to do...)
    We're rooting for you!!!