Thursday, October 21, 2010

2 years old

Birthday - 22/10/08

Yes that’s right people I max am 2 years old today. I’ve had so many nice birthday wishes from both dogs and humans plus I got so many new toys and yummy treats from my human she really went over the top.

We also got free tickets to go see cats & dogs 2, my human sent a picture of me to our favourite magazine so they gave us free tickets. I think it’s so unfair that it’s only for human they don’t let dogs in the cinema…it’s a movie about dogs and yet dogs can’t go the silly things these humans come up with. Well it did make my human happy so it's ok..this time.


  1. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!! I'm sorry you didn't get to see your movie! Hope your birthday was awesome anyway!

    (or just look at my blog :P)

  3. Max: thanks, silly people and with their movies after all it was my cute face that got the tickets..anyway still a good day :D

  4. Happy birthday.. so um I LOVE YOU! you're daa max man :) *kissespresentsblessingtreats*