Sunday, January 23, 2011


Well the Norwest Champ show ended with a bang…umm literally. On Saturday during the show Bran human Nigel was talking about this tree they had camped under and saying how it was a risk of falling. The sounds of it cracking was making them all nervous, my human looked at it and didn’t take much notice of it she thought something that big had no chance of falling but she was soooo wrong. Due to the heavy rain the members from our club who were camping at the big tree ended up leaving early which was a good idea in the end. During prizing give a huge bang shock the grounds with this sounds of hundreds of leave fluttering in the wind, the lady doing the prizing giving said “I hope no ones car parked there” suddenly everyone spun around to see the tree down. All the humans and dogs ran over to check to make sure no one or nothing was hurt or damaged. Luckily everyone who camped there had packed up and only one of the judges car was still there. It must have been a miracle but somehow the tree missed the car but only just. So since no one was hurt and nothing got damaged it was actually quite funny but what was not funny was if it had happen early, me and my human were at that tree the night before having drinks with our club many people and dogs could have been hurt but since that didn’t happen we can happily laugh at the big old dumb tree hehe…oh by the way after all that we went back to prize giving and I won 3rd in Novice yes that right me

Monday, January 10, 2011

Thanks Hap Hap

When my human got home today she was fetching the mail which I always think is a little odd…shouldn’t that be my job after all fetching balls, leads, shoes whatever it’s what I do… well anyway in the mail she found a letter and in that letter was this awesome card from our good friends in


The card is so pretty I tried to chew on it but my human took it away from me. It was such a shame it look so chewable I like chewing up the mail. I once chewed up my human membership form for our dog club in a hope that I wouldn’t have to go to doggie school but it didn’t work my human thought they wouldn’t mind since they are a dog club hehe


Anyway Thank you so much happy and happy human for the lovely card I know my human will treasure it always.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy Pawversary

I know it may not seem like it but me and my human have now been together for 2 years.

My human found the ad for me on trademe, it was new years eve and then on the 2nd of January she made the journey out to the farm to get me. That’s where our story began It’s been a long journey and so far loving every minute of it. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Fly Mutts

I know it’s been a while since my last bogging but me and my human have been so busy it’s unbelievable I’m not the same dog I was a few months ago anyway I’ll let you all know about that later.
Well back to this quick little blog just to get back into it, I have a lot to bark about but I’ll just say a little for now. For 2011 me & my human have taken on a new sport we are now a real flygility team. My human got a flyball box on the 22nd I love it.

For now we are just going to do individual runs but if my little doggie friends from my club get into it too then maybe we can start a team Me, my lovely Rosie and Mr hot shot Basil our future little mutt team I know their humans are interested and I know our little crew could really kick some doggie tails in fly so you never know…

Sunday, October 31, 2010


Hey guys it's me Max here just wanting to wish you all a

Saturday, October 30, 2010


Well tomorrow’s the big day our first ever link run. My human has been having a bit of rough time lately so I’m looking forward to tomorrow when it’s just me & her doing what we love. The last few days we have been working on contacts for some unknown reason my human does not like the idea of me jumping OVER the contact zone. I think it’s more fun and so much faster but it’s against the rules but since when do I listen to the rules... oh well it has been fun training. My buddy Rosie at class has been having the same issue but her human is teaching running contacts. I like the look of this running but with the 2 paw thing I get to do a trick and MEEEEE lovessss tricksssss hehe.

I really like rosie but her and her owner beat us at the agility trial by not even a second so it’s time for a re-match it will be a real fun day.



Sunday, October 24, 2010

Long time no see

You will never guess who I ran into the other day…MY SISTER!!!!
My sis now named Bell. I met up with her well out for a walk with my human. This other human came running up to us asking what breed I was my owner replied “Australian terrier mix” he said so is my dog, he then said his was part Chihuahua my owner quickly said back so was hers. They then ask a few questions back and fourth about where they got their dogs from and yup they had my sister in their car. They went and got her out for me to say hi I was so happy to see her and she was so happy to see me.

"Puppy Max"

"Puppy Bell"
She looks just like me but much smaller and she has more of our dads aussie in her. She has a loving mum & dad and her very own kid to play with. She’s got herself a really good life I’m so happy for her. I know my mum & dad would be so proud of both of us.
It’s just so un-real that out of all the dogs for me to meet I would meet one of the pups from my very own family been a mutt we don’t get the luxury of been able to stay in contact with our family so this was a truly magic moment one I will never forget.