Sunday, October 24, 2010

Long time no see

You will never guess who I ran into the other day…MY SISTER!!!!
My sis now named Bell. I met up with her well out for a walk with my human. This other human came running up to us asking what breed I was my owner replied “Australian terrier mix” he said so is my dog, he then said his was part Chihuahua my owner quickly said back so was hers. They then ask a few questions back and fourth about where they got their dogs from and yup they had my sister in their car. They went and got her out for me to say hi I was so happy to see her and she was so happy to see me.

"Puppy Max"

"Puppy Bell"
She looks just like me but much smaller and she has more of our dads aussie in her. She has a loving mum & dad and her very own kid to play with. She’s got herself a really good life I’m so happy for her. I know my mum & dad would be so proud of both of us.
It’s just so un-real that out of all the dogs for me to meet I would meet one of the pups from my very own family been a mutt we don’t get the luxury of been able to stay in contact with our family so this was a truly magic moment one I will never forget.


  1. George: awww Max! that's awesome!!! I wish I ran into my siblings... pah, who knows where they are? I dunno!
    awesome layout!

  2. Max: aww thanks, yeah it was nice to see my sis again she was on holiday with her family and it's just luck that her holiday had a pitstop in my hometown, and thanks my human got sick of the old one she got messing around with it until she was happy