Sunday, January 23, 2011


Well the Norwest Champ show ended with a bang…umm literally. On Saturday during the show Bran human Nigel was talking about this tree they had camped under and saying how it was a risk of falling. The sounds of it cracking was making them all nervous, my human looked at it and didn’t take much notice of it she thought something that big had no chance of falling but she was soooo wrong. Due to the heavy rain the members from our club who were camping at the big tree ended up leaving early which was a good idea in the end. During prizing give a huge bang shock the grounds with this sounds of hundreds of leave fluttering in the wind, the lady doing the prizing giving said “I hope no ones car parked there” suddenly everyone spun around to see the tree down. All the humans and dogs ran over to check to make sure no one or nothing was hurt or damaged. Luckily everyone who camped there had packed up and only one of the judges car was still there. It must have been a miracle but somehow the tree missed the car but only just. So since no one was hurt and nothing got damaged it was actually quite funny but what was not funny was if it had happen early, me and my human were at that tree the night before having drinks with our club many people and dogs could have been hurt but since that didn’t happen we can happily laugh at the big old dumb tree hehe…oh by the way after all that we went back to prize giving and I won 3rd in Novice yes that right me

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  1. CONGRATS on the third! Good Job!!!
    eesh that's scary!