Sunday, August 15, 2010

Why jump when you can walk

I’m back people, doggies and whatever else is on this inter…netty…thing :P
Happy's owner was telling my owner to start updating the blog so I’m back at it


You need to update the kiwis blog :) everyones not happy bout the lack of updates and so does max. J

Today my owner and her mum went out for a walk and brought back this wooden platform. I was having so much fun pouncing on it and leaving my trademark muddy paws but no matter what I did my owner wouldn’t release my ball. Normally when I do stuff I get a click, a good boy and then my ball gets tossed but she wouldn’t do it she placed one of my jumps in front of it and told me “over” I dove over and didn’t quite make it but she told me again and I made it. I really don’t see the point in jumping, it’s so much easier to walk on it like I as doing in class all those goodie goodie dogs jumping over it like their owner said too, i was only one who let his mind go outside the box and was running over it, it’s more fun and easy but because of that night my owner is making me do long jump drills everyday I love the play time but I just don’t want to have to work for it, oh well it the life of an agility dog my owner keep’s going on about some ribbon trial I don’t really know much about it but I get to spend all weekend with just me and my owner so that’s sounds good to me.... so look out Mangawhai here we come “Team Seeker”


  1. I know how the humans always complain about our blogs but They are the ones who take the computer away from us that causes all the lack of updates! By the way, you guys are looking real kick ass for the first trial :)

  2. thanks Hap i always want to update my blog but my human is always on facebook or YT and some agility group and she always talking about me and yet who better to talk about me than me... humans i'll never understand them