Monday, August 23, 2010

Working hard...

Me and my human…wait a minute…let me start again “I” have been working very hard over the last few days getting ready for this trial all my human has been doing is emailing people and reading about rules and regulations whatever those things are. All I know about rules is they are meant to be broken and who better to break them than me Max hehe
anyway my human is just not happy with this long jump thing so every day I have to jump and she is making it harder and harder by making it higher and longer. She's been trying so many things to try and make me jump but I don’t care what she does she just doesn’t understand it's so much easier to walk on it… oh well I’m starting to give in to her and I’ve been flying over this jump just like the nerdy goodie goodie dogs at class do. I’ve had a few mishaps because the jumps got in my way and I crashed into the mud, you would think a flying dog would scare the jumps into moving out of the way…oh well they came crashing down when max came flying in hehe oh well I’m still not 100% on this jump but my owner seem to go crazy when I jump and I love her going crazy playing soccer with me so I might try a few more times with this jumping thing. I guess humans are weird this way always doing things the hard way.Oh yeah and if the weather is good this weekend my human said we get to spend all Saturday playing flygility YAY!!!! I’ll show those border collies how we mutts play ball bring it on!!!

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