Monday, August 30, 2010


I find it funny how some silly humans think humans like mine are horrible because they make dogs like me do dog sports and say dogs just want a normal life…WTF!!! Have these silly humans never heard of FLYGILITY!!!

Like my human promise I got to spend all Saturday playing this new game called Flygility I got to meet lots of new dogs, people and I got to play with tennis balls ALL DAY!!!

Flygility was this game where we dogs had to run over all these jumps and tunnel to find a magic box that when you hit it a tennis ball would fly out, we dogs had to catch it and race back over all the gear it’s so much fun.

The life of a spots dogs is a good one trust me

~sorry not much to say right now my humans been so busy with agility i don't really have a lot of time so here some pic's of my new mates~


  1. I'm not really into balls, but guess flygility is just too cool!
    You looked like you're rocking this out max!


  2. Flygility sounds like HEAVEN ~George
    (I'll have to try it, for him lol ~Nicole)