Wednesday, September 8, 2010

If it's raining it's pouring

My human just dosen’t seem to understand the meaning of the words “GIVE UP” they look simple enough to me but not my human.
When I wouldn’t do the long jump she worked for 3 weeks to teach me until it was perfect, my fear of the chute everyday we would work little by little until the scary chute became my friend, many of my agility classes were cancelled by the rain so she would train at home and now she finds out it will be raining during our trial but do think she will give up…NO!!!

Today to help me with working in the rain she took me to our new training park and brought a ball to play with it started to rain and we played for quite a while and I had heaps of fun running, sliding diving, mud marching and even a little swimming when the ball went into some deep water she call this training sometimes it’s good to have a nutting human hehe

I was so happy and after all that I got to end our training with a walk though he bush so many trees and plants to pee on When we got home my human gave me my new reg name so i could join the NZKC and do more agility so from now on I’ll be

"If It's raining it's pouring" Max


  1. I LOVE your reg name :)now.. if only my human could come up with cool reg names just like yours!

  2. Max: my human thought since we started agility we had rain to deal with and that it will be raining at our first show the name suited me
    but i love rain it makes me go crazy hehe :P