Thursday, September 23, 2010

Time to Play

Since I have been working so hard for my owner she been letting me have a little holiday from training which means I get to just play play play.

I got to hang out with my buddy Indy the other day, we had so much fun playing chase I always love to play with her because she never gets tired and is always up for a game. I love playing with ray ray too but she always gets tired and always gets grumpy, when I tap her with my paw or try and play bitey face she attacks me Indy never hurts me.

My human said we have another trial coming up soon if our entry gets in on time and if that happens we will have to train for it but until then for the next few weeks I can just chill and chill I will.


  1. Trials..trials.. I need trials..

    ps. that was the human, she's so obsessed. I think.

  2. George: Arn't they all obsessed? I know mine is ...

    Nicole: INDY! sweet girl! Max, don't worry about the trials, just go fast, listen to Elise and HAVE A BLAST (:

  3. all humans think of is trials and yet it's we dogs that do all the hard work....oh well i do get lots of treats after and i get to show off that's always big deal hehe