Sunday, September 12, 2010

First Trial

Whangarei & Mangawhai Ribbon Trial

Day 1
Jumper C - Q
Elementary B - NQ
Starters - NQ
Day 2
Starters - NQ
Jumper C - Q
Novice - NQ

Jumper C ~Q~ a really good run my human kept saying she wasn’t nervous at all but I’m her dog and I know better she was freaking out but I made sure I was a good boy and did everything she said... until just before one jump I stopped and had to sniff around it was such an odd smell but it didn’t take long and I snapped out of it and quickly finish the run with a super happy human.

12/29 dogs

Elementary B ~E~ I went into this big blue tunnel and half way though i thought wait a minute is my human sure she wants me in this tunnel so i went back out the way i came and bang stupid judge put his arm up to say fault. I then assumed she wanted me to go the other way though so I did and then the meanie judge crossed his arms and I was disqualified.. Me? disqualified? doesn’t that judge know who I am? I finished the run off well but still silly judge I’m max don’t mess with me.

Starters ~E~ This run my human sent me the wrong way though the tunnel she didn’t mean to but it happen and once again I was disqualified. When it came to my weaves I got sick of them and left after 10 poles after all isn’t 10 enough. The rest of the run went well but the evil yellow chute came up and my fears got the better of me so my kind human let me pass it she didn’t force me and we left the ring happy.

Starters ~NQ~ a really good run but right at the start after a few straight line jumps I skipped the last one and headed for the tunnel my human quickly called me back before I touched the tunnel and made me go over it. After that we were doing well but I messed my weaves up I got the entry but something was just not right so on the 3rd pole I left them my human quickly called me back and made me do them again. We had a really good run but this time evil red chute was in my way but my human made sure I went in it this time and ya know what it wasn’t so scary in fact…it was fun

Jumper C ~Q~ a really good run my human loved it and so did I. After a few jumps we had to go in the big yellow tunnel I went to go though one end and all I could hear was “HERE MAX” so I quickly went to her and she lead me to the other end I don’t know what the big deal was but I did as she wanted and she was so happy. We quickly did the rest of the run and the best part was right at the end I got to race over all these jumps as fast as I could so much fun. Only bad part was the silly timer didn’t go off so we had to run it again but only for time we had already got a clear round. We were both tired so we weren’t as fast but still it was a good time

7/20 dogs

Novice -NQ~ this run me and my human loved we flowed really well though the course but I was really hot and I messed up my weave pole entry 2 times but my human didn’t give up until we had done it. The rest of the run went well but the 2nd time I went over the A-Frame I got sick of this creepy judge staring at me everything I did he was looking at me so half way up the A-frame at his eye level I decided to give him a taste of his own medicine and I was staring right back at him giving him the max look but my human keep calling me and said “ come on max don’t stare at him” so I carried on the course I'm just happy I got a little bit of staring revenge at him mahahaha

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