Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Great Escape

Little Kahlan becoming a real little trouble maker just like me hehe I love escaping from my backyard and exploring and after today it seem like she does too.

My owner was putting everyone back in their kennels getting ready to go and she was putting all the puppies back in the small fenced off yard they had to play and sleep in.

They were still full of energy when we tried to leave and little kahlan took it upon herself to just leave with us she just slipped right under the gate and came running over.

My owner was in shock quickly turned around and picked her up and placed her behind the gate once again but still she just kept going under and out my owner couldn’t stop laughing. Little Zed kept trying to hold her back like the goody two shoes he is but she a tough pup and just pull herself out of his grip and if needed to she would bite his face to make him let go.

In the end my owner placed her behind the fence away from the gate and rushed around the corner so she didn’t know we’re we were. You can’t help but love that little Kahlan she is going to make someone very happy

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