Sunday, June 13, 2010

~Click Click Click~

Oh man my owner wont stop taking pictures of me “click click click” that’s all I hear all day.

My owner got a new camera the other day her brother brought it for her and in her words it’s “dog proof” since it's water, dust, drop, smash and freeze proof so no matter what me and the pack do we can’t break it but don’t worry we will still give it our best shot.

It supposed to be the worlds toughest camera

My owner said she will stop as soon as she learns how to use it... I doubt it grrrr but hey you can’t blame her for wanting to use me as her model you can’t beat my cute looks.

My owner will hopefully be distracted for a while she contacting the agility club so we can start classes as soon as possible I’m a bit nervous since there will be so many dogs but my owner did say she will buy me a happy meal and some new tennis balls if I’m good

So I’m going to do my best......for the treats and toys hehe :P


  1. OHHH don't we all have the same humans! :) have fun at the agility club, i bet you'll do great in it! don't forget to take videos!

  2. this mutt is going to kick some doggie butts at agility and show what mutts are made of mahahaha =D