Monday, June 21, 2010

They grow up so fast

Who knew playing with puppies could wipe you out but it’s so much fun. Indy finally stop been super over protective of her puppies which lets me in I’ve been having so much fun with them I will admit I was a little jumpy when I first saw them today but it didn’t take long and I was having so much fun playing.

Kahlan is a real feisty little pup she had a lots of fun playing chasey with me and also a lot of fun trying to kill my owners shoes why she was doing that…not a clue

Richard is a sweet little guy he has a bad tail and he is very timid but still he has the spirit of wild pup and still can keep up with me, his brother and sister

Zed I’ve never seen such a brave puppy all the pups walked into a big puddle both Richard and Kahlan went around the puddle but zed march right on through he didn’t even flinch

Not bad for 3 little rugrats all of them are very different but they are all very special

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