Sunday, January 17, 2010

Secret Santa paws

Finally it came YAY!!!!
On Friday the 15th of January I got a package in the mail all the way from the USA.
Me and my owner were apart of a SS on our forum group AJWW and after much waiting we got our present. My owner was so happy she ripped into it and found 3 brand new tugs waiting inside, I was so happy new toys. Unfortunately as the present was coming into the country the mean ol MAF people found dog treats inside and took them out. GRR oh well the tugs were still GREAT!!!

Even through It came from the USA it was really from my aussie friends Jock and Denver there owner who we call Smisch got them for me. My owner and I have been doing lots of canine freestyle and she’s been using my new tugs as rewards it’s so much fun. My owner is going to be using them for our agility classes when we start. I am the only dog in NZ so far who has these toys I feel so special.

Thank you so much Jock and Denver ~puppy kisses~

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