Monday, December 21, 2009

Hyper trick training ~Squeak Squeak~

Squeak Squeak Squeak Squeak Squeak ~pant pant~ Squeak Squeak Squeak Squeak Squeak
Well guy ~squeak~ what a fun night ya see Elise was for some odd reason was really hyped up I think it might have something to do with that awesome chocolate her grandmother send her for Christmas but hey I’m not complaining she’s more fun this way =D.
One minute Elise and Rachel were quietly playing a game called Zoo World on Facebook and the next she got Rachel spinning like crazy for treats it look like so much fun so naturally I had to join “SPIN SPIN SPIN SPIN!!!!!!”. After all that she got back onto the computer and quickly grabbed a video of youtube all about “How to train backwards circles”.

She trained me this trick when I was a pup but stopped since she fell under a pile of endless stress from her study and she felt so low she just didn’t want to do it anymore but since then things have picked up and for some odd reason she wanted to give it another try. First with Rachel, she got the first step straight away and by the end of the session she had moved onto the seconded “show off nerd” :P

~Squeak Squeak~ umm where was I… oh yeah nerdy goody girl Rachel me well… I had some trouble I thought she wanted me to do a pawstand I can’t help it I didn’t understand one word from another from these silly humans I then tried dancing to get the treat but still no. Finally I tried moving backwards and all of a sudden she started yahooing and jumping up I don’t really know what the big deal was but hey I was happy I started barking, jumping around, racing around the living room and of course I was constantly jumping into Elise arms that the best trick of all because she always gives me such big cuddles and kisses… WHAT!!! Yes I’m a mammas boy so what I’m proud of it but plz plz don’t tell any of my doggie friend I what then to still think I’m cool and tough anyway…

~woof woof woof~ then we did it again and again with the same outcome soon I was walking backward around a corner of stuff she has placed by my side and she had grabbed my squeaky toys and started giving them to me as reward she truly knows me, she knows I’ll do anything for my toys “WOOF WOOF Squeak Squeak Squeak” and I managed some how to get past the first step YAY!!!!!!!! She still wants another session on the first step before we move on but who cares for that kind of attention I’ll do anything

~but hey all great hyper dogs need to sleep to recharge =P~

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