Sunday, December 20, 2009

Welcome to Middle-Earth

"Middle-Earth hehe that's our home"

Hi guys it’s everyone’s favourite Mutt here...what no not Rachel me Max "Grrr" silly humans. Anyway I know the first post was done by my owner Elise but I’m taking over.

Me my sister Rachel and the humans we all went for a walk up this awesome mountain well the humans walk I ran “run run run as fast you can you can’t catch me I’m the kiwi mutt” lol

On the way up there were so many trees to pee on it was amazing. As we got to the top Elise yelled out “grab Max’s leash before he gets to the top” she said it as if I would just jump off I mean she didn’t even bring a ball with her if she did then that would be a different story I mean come on it’s a ball it’s what I live for and wow can you imagine it, extreme fetching
When we went back down it was even slower then going up well i wasn’t going to take it this pup wanted to run so I’m going to run like the wind,
i pulled hard on my leash my human Elise fell and grabbed a tree to stop falling and ZZZZOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMM off i went YAY!!!!
Rachel and Nick soon followed as we came to crashing stop at the end of the path Rachel wouldn’t stay and play with me in the open field she said as dogs we must be loyal to our owner so me and Rachel went back to find Elise she was only half way down when we found her but that was ok rachel stayed with her and i got a second chance to go ZZZOOOOOOOOMMMM!!!!!!

what a great day :P

"Me and Good old Rachel" "shhh don't tell her i said she was old"

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