Monday, December 14, 2009

Maxxy’s First Christmas Present

"a super frisbee for a super dog"

My boy Max is one happy pup today he got his very first Christmas present. During our afternoon walk we saw my mate Danielle walking off to her aunties house we decided to join her. We talked the entire way all about what had been happening lately in our lives and she showed me this awesome green Frisbee she won at the sports day at a ring toss game. Max was bouncing all over her as he normally does "Max's loves Danielle" and she turned to me and said Max could have her new Frisbee. i thanked her over and over and max well... i picked him up so he could say thanks but his mind was on other things a pitbull was behind a fence and max was having a staring contest with him.....anyway All afternoon max has been playing with it he's like a naughty child he wont wait for Christmas lol. Sadly my mate will be leaving soon so this Frisbee is very special.

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