Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Too many dogs


Lots has changed for me over the last few months MY!!! owner who use to be just MINE!!! has now taken on a number of different dog for training. I’m not very happy about having to share her she’s mine after all I don’t even like sharing my toys with Rachel but taking my owner your going to far.

From just been me it’s now Indy and Joe 10 month old border collies, Toby 4 year old JRT and Rusty 7 month old poodle.

When ever I see my owner working with another dog I try and push my way in but she sends me away

I mean another dog getting praises from my owner and getting my TREATS!!! That’ just not on. Rusty owner seems to really want my mums help and has even talked about paying her but my owner is happy to do it for free I mean come on not just your taking time away from me your star dog, giving my treats away to those flea bags but your not even going to take their money which could buy me more toys and treats what is this world coming to. My owner has assured me I’m still top dog.

As my owner works with these dogs working on behaviour issues and basic obedience training they still get the same about of treats as me for the work I’m doing which includes back valt training and handstand work why do they get the easy stuff well I work my butt for the same about of treats where the doggie justice in that… well I guess when it comes to praise and love I do get much more then them my owner truly loves me plus my owner and I still have very special time together at the end of the day when she tired I get to sleep right next her on the couch and watch awesome shows like King of the hill, Ghost whisper and degrassi the next generation I love the time when it’s just us no training just her heart beating against mine.

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