Saturday, April 17, 2010

Men were wrong to trust a woman =P

I’m ashamed to say this but like many of my fellow dogs the unthinkable has happen to me…I lost my manhood yes that’s right my mean owner took me down to the vets and gave me what they call my big boy operation but we dogs know different grrr

I had to spend all morning in a icy cold cage surrounded by yapping idiots demanding there freedom

One by one we all took a walk into the next room and then the evil humans would return with my cells mates completely knocked out

I thought to myself better you than me but I barked to soon and it was my turn to take the walk

When I woke up I noticed my once barking cell mates were all lying down without making a sound I felt a horrible pain and when I went to clean the area saw that they were gone those evil humans stole them

Unlike my cell mates I stood up in hopes my human would return before these inhuman monster stole anything else from me but lucky before they could have another go at me my human turned up I was so happy but still quite wobbly on my paws

The evil vet said I was to return in 10 days to get my stitches out the cruelty just never ends for us poor dogs

But once my owner took me home she gave me some big treats and some yummy food trying to make up for it
I feel quit embarrassed by this but after talking to my mate Riley who had it done to him he has assured me it will all be ok
and to help make up for it my owner got me a yummy Schmacko chomp 'N' Chew, an awesome new tug toy and she said she will be buying me a rush to tug slip lead so finally all those YT dogs can stop showing off and i can start lol
Elise said she going to get me the "Midnight Fire" one but instead of a clip lead it will be a slip one which from what my doggie friends have said they are great to tug on plus i'll be the only Kiwi dog with one so i'll have to show off to all my mates mahahahaha

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