Sunday, May 9, 2010



I got my Fire N Ice slip lead YAY!!!
It looks so good on me no wonder my owner was taking so many pictures Rachel is so jealous I don’t blame her lol

It is taking some time to get use to the idea of the slip lead but my owner said she would make some time to teach me how to walk with it which in other words means I get to spends lots of time with my favourite person as she gives me lots of yummy treats for doing things as simple has taking a step forward hehehe I love training time… oh wait just a minute…. TUG!!! Sorry about that I have to keep tugging on this lead I can’t help it, it’s so soft on my teeth but so strong too hehe just like me :P

Well a lot more has been happing to everyone’s fav kiwi mutt but I’ll tell ya all about it later that lead needs some serious tugging time

oh and check it out i'm on the happy customers page all i can say is you got that right i'm more than happy well Later….


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