Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ball Hunt

Well me and the gang were out on our pack walk today and we had so much fun playing fetch with my owner sorry I have to keep saying MY owner so those other dogs know she mine and not their’s anyway well we were playing our ball got stuck up in a bush hanging off the edge of a cliff my owner gave me the command “find get your ball” so all of a sudden I dove into action and did my best to climb up it and they say only cats can climb huh I bet those flee bags don’t have out dog gone determination sorry getting off track as I did my best to find that annoying ball Rachel started a barking fit and joe was been a show off jumping all over the place my owner keep on calling out the command :Find” so I could find my ball she keep saying if as if I already had forgot my mission a few minutes ago which I guess was a smart idea in the long run I do get pretty distracted at times hehe
I knew the ball was close I could smell it, my owner got tired of waiting and followed me up the cliff side she didn’t want to go up since the bush the ball was in was completely cutty grass and all over the side of the cliff was these bushes covered in sharp spikes for us dogs no big deal our fur protects us but for humans if can cause a lot of pain

Their wasn’t a lot of room on the edge of the cliff with a crazy border collie trying to steal treats of the balancing human and an insane jack Russel barking up a storm just to get attention and me trying to climb my way to the top soon even pregnant indy joined in on the chaos and followed my human up their she very obsessed over MY!!! human but I’m sure she knows I’m top dog

After a bunch of searching and climbing and because of the chaos accidents will happen joe was been a scatter brain running around so I quickly pushed my owner to let her know I’m still here and well pushing a person on the edge of a cliff not the smartest idea I’ve had but hey I’m not perfect and anyway both indy and joe pushed her as well she nearly fell off but with dogs to grab onto she managed to stay put she really didn’t want to fall on those bush spikes at the bottom

Soon after everyone else gave up I found it!!! I grabbed the ball and dived down my owner was so happy her and all the other dogs came chasing after me my owner was cheering about how I had proved that i was to be a flyball dog by showing my obsession and determination to get my ball back

My motto “never leave a ball behind”

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