Saturday, May 22, 2010

Red Paw Prints

Today well instead of just playing normal fetch me and my owner decided to do some street agility which was great we had so much fun until……my paw pads cracked, they were in bad shape and started bleeding my owner was sitting under a tree and called me over

I came running ignoring what had happen to my paw and when I got there my owner saw blood in my fur so she pick up my paw to check it and I swear by the look in her face she was about to have a mini-heart attack when she saw the gushing blood flowing out she thought maybe I had stept in something seeing as I was not reacting at all to her touching it she had a look around and didn’t see anything she tried to clean it up to get a better look but was unable to do so since there was no water around so she took me home I went to follow her and I fell on my bad paw and couldn’t get up I looked just black beauty but before I even knew what had happen she quickly scooped me up in her arms and rushed home.

Once we got there she clean the blood up and notice it was my paw pads that had been causing all the trouble so she bandaged it up and placed me on the couch but I’m still only a one year old so staying still with one of my legs not working right a lot to handle so when my owner was cooking dinner I took off the bandage and made Max art all through the house in other words I put red paw prints everywhere she got a big mess to clean up before her mum gets home on Monday hehehe

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  1. poor maxxy boy! hope he gets well soon! happy sends hugs and kisses all the way to NZ x!