Monday, May 31, 2010

~The Seeker Pups~

The little rugrats are up and about now and as a kindness to my owner Indy let me and Joe greet the little fluff balls. They were so little even through my eyes every now and then Indy would give us a little growl to put me and Joe back in line and that was ok since last time we saw them I’m a bit embarrassed to say this but she beat us up my owner had to pull Indy off me oh the shame getting my tail kicked by her anyway just don’t let any of the guys know this but those little puppies were so sweet

People keep asking my owner if she is going to take one she keep saying no but hey if she was so say yes I’ll stand behind it hehe

Well even though my owner is not going to own one she is still going to name them and today she decide to give them names from her favourite TV show “Legend of the Seeker” so they have been named Richard, Kahlan and Zed they may be odd to other but to my owner they are very special names.

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